Many people who love Jesus and are students of the Bible know the answers to the questions – who is Jesus, why He came and what He wants us to know.  Yet when asked: How is Jesus the Son of God? Does He have equal power and the same origins as the Father? Where does Jesus say He came to die for mankind’s sins and without His death atonement, there is no forgiveness? Finding the supporting scriptures to these fundamental questions prove elusive. Behold! not only answers these questions, but provides the scriptures to support them.


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“What is true about God and the Bible cannot be based on one’s feelings, intuition, vaguely remembered talking points or scriptures partially recalled.  Nor can truth about God be based on the opinion of someone loved and respected.  A solid foundation about what is true about God must come from the Bible.”


--From Chapter 1 of Behold!

The foundational beliefs of Christianity that people are separated from God for any sin and cannot be reconciled without the sacrificial substitutionary death of Jesus ignores many Bible verses that tell a different story.  What about the many scriptures from the Old Testament about the forgiveness of God and the annual Day of Atonement (from the time of Moses) when the sins of everyone who repents are forgiven and removed? 


From the Hebrew language, scriptures, culture and prophecies, discover what the 2,000-year-old religion of Christianity has missed about who Jesus is, why He came, and what He wanted us to know.

Behold! The Jesus We Never Knew – God from the Beginning proves to be a must-read book for every Christian.  It will be a book you find yourself reading again and again to grasp the profound truths of the God of the Bible.

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