About the Authors

Behold! The Jesus We Never Knew – God from the Beginning was written by first time author Anna A. Goodman with assistance in research of history, Jewish roots and traditions from her husband, archeologist and author Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, a Messianic Jew. Anna has said the research and information discovered in writing this book over an eight-year period has been the most profound and rewarding experience of her life. 


Dr. Jeffrey Goodman’s most recent book is The Comets of God – New Scientific Proof for the God of the Bible - A major work for those interested in Biblical end times providing scientific explanations of the catastrophes in the Bible and their relationship to the end times prophecies of Ezekiel 37/38 and the book of Revelation.  

Dr. Goodman has dedicated the last 20+ years in research on the Bible, church history, archeological discoveries as the relate to early man, the Bible and end time events prophesied in the Bible. 


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