The Comets of God

That which is to be has already been

 "Astronomers have learned a great deal about cometary activity in the last twenty years.  Many have recognized and come to acknowledge that some of the events described in the Book of Revelation speak of cometary activity.  However, as we have seen, cometary activity was not first mentioned or introduced in the Book of Revelation. 


Abraham, for example, came out of a culture (Sumerian/Akkadian in the city state of Ur) that worshiped cometary gods.  In a particularly telling incident (Genesis 15:8-18), the Bible tells how God used cosmic activity to confirm one of His promises to Abraham when He passed a “burning lamp” (meteor) between the animals that had been sacrificed.  During the unusual encounter, God told Abraham that his descendants would serve and be afflicted by a nation in a strange land (Egypt) for four hundred years and that He would then judge that nation. 


In part, the Exodus story tells of this judgment and as shown in Chapter 5 [Scientific Explanations for Old Testament Catastrophes], how it involved related natural events caused by cometary activity.  Chapter 3 [The Lord of Hosts] of this book showed how the Bible refers to comets as the weapons of God’s wrath.  Because comets are considered the weapons of God’s wrath and comets caused the disasters of the Exodus, there should be no surprise that the Bible says judgment of the end times will come again by cometary activity.