Tales Of A Teller

The Stories People Tell


Just breaking ice with a customer I'd not helped before, I asked, "Are you doing anything special today?" He looked at me pointedly with a wrinkled forehead, and a bit of a glare, then said, "I don't know you, and if I were doing something special, I certainly wouldn't tell you." I thought about that for a moment and burst out laughing. "You know, you are absolutely right!" I finished his transaction and cautiously wished him a nice day and a safe holiday.


Ahhh... but he doesn't know the interesting stories I've heard as a result of that question (a person being acknowledged in an awards ceremony that night, another seeing their grandchild graduate with honors), the sad (an upcoming road trip to take her son's ashes back to her hometown for burial, a woman opening an account for the donations to bury her son murdered over the weekend), the exciting (seeing their first baby born that morning, the weddings planned for that day, the vacations to exotic places about to begin), the awkward (on her way to her attorney's office after finding out her husband had closed all their accounts and moved in with his girlfriend).


Yes, none of it was my business, but sometimes people share what is too difficult to hold in at that precise moment.